The facilities at the three City Centers are designed to provide totally hygienic treatment with emphasis on your comfort. All necessary equipment, including Ortho Pantamograph, Lateral View Cephalogram, Intra-oral Camera and Intra-oral Periapical X-ray are provided to carry out different treatment and diagnostic procedures.

General Dental Care

Routine dental check-ups (once in six months) to enable your dentist to diagnose any early symptoms and suggest corrective procedure. Carries out cleaning, bleaching and filling of cavities. Different types of dental filling materials like Glass Inomer Cement, Composite, Tooth Colored etc. are available for use to suit a patient’s need.


Orthodontics deals with correction of irregular teeth structure. Depending on the position, various alternatives treatment options are suggested. Braces can be fixed or removable type and can be selected based on individual needs. A variety of braces (conventional to highly cosmetic types) are available. Cosmetic braces (thin wire, mini diamond, colored, golden etc.) are now highly popular and are imported from USA.

Endodontic and Conservative Dentistry

Endodontics deals with treatments like crowning and capping of teeth, root canal treatments, onlays, inlays and restorations.

Oral Surgery and Trauma Care

Cosmetic surgical procedures like Orthognanthic Surgery, Jaw Advancement Surgery, Bone Grafting Procedure and Plate Fixation.

Dental Implants

Dental Implants are natural looking replacements for missing teeth

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry deals with improving tooth structure, shape, arrangement and smile design.


Artificial Teeth Replacements by Implants, Removable Dentures and Magnetic Dentures.

Oral Pathology

Diagnostic Procedures for more complicated situations like incidence of AIDS, Hepatitis-B, Systemic Diseases and Oral Cancers.

You can call up any of the City Centers (Hitec City, Ameerpet) to fix up appointment with Dr.G.Sambasiva Rao, Prof and HOD : Hitec City - 040 23118577 & 040 65892760, Ameerpet - 040 23748577