Take This Test

Problem Tick if True Solution
Are you having bleeding gums? Need Cleaning and further review
Do you feel bad breath by afternoon or evening? Need Cleaning and further review/td>
Do you have stained teeth? Need Cleaning and Bleaching for removing stains and tooth / teeth whitening.
Does part of tooth look black or darker? You may require filling and or root canal treatment.
Do you feel pain while taking food? You may require filling or root canal treatment
Have you lost a tooth or have a tooth been extracted? You need to go in for artificial tooth
Any tooth fracture or lost your original tooth structure? You may require composite filling / capping
Are you having larger than normal gap between adjacent teeth? You may require to wear braces or need cosmetic filling
Do you have proclined or retroclined teeth?? You need orthodontic treatment
Do your teeth overlap each other?? You need orthodontic treatment
Your upper front teeth are behind the lower front teeth You need orthodontic treatment
Your upper front teeth protrudes over lower ones. You need orthodontic treatment
Do you have irregular teeth structure? You need orthodontic treatment
Your upper and lower front teeth do not touch. You need orthodontic treatment
Do you feel that you do not have a pleasant smile? You may require orthodontic treatment.
Your jaws are very prominent or there is excessive growth or undergrowth. You need orthognathic surgery
Do you find food getting stuck between teeth often? You may require gum treatment.
Do you feel sensitivity while taking cold water / sweets? You may require filling.
Do you feel roughness on the outer surface of tooth? Tooth enamel must have been damaged. Need filling and polishing.
Is there swelling of gums with pain? May need flap surgery.
Do you feel that your teeth are moving? Need periodontal treatment.
Do you have swelling around a tooth? May need root canal treatment.
Have you fractured your jaw bone in an accident? You may need bone plating surgery or intermaxillary fixation
Do you have a problematic wisdom teeth? Need surgical extraction.

If any of the answers to the above is “Yes”, Contact Dr.G.Sambasiva Rao, Prof and HOD to discuss your problem.